"A day with young minds"

I was invited to be the chief guest for the annual day celebration of Dr. B. M. Sundaravadanan Primary & Matriculation Higher Secondary School at ShenoyNagar, alongside my wife and Director of Vinisha Vision Mrs.Jayasudha Kathiravan on 25th Oct’2017. I felt greatly honored by the invite and thus, wanted to give the best of my mind to the students of the school.

When I shared them about Vinisha Visions ads and short films, the student mob applauded at high decibel which reflected their interest in the social happenings. I started my speech by conveying a message on how poverty cannot impede the growth of a determined student with reference to our great scientist and the then president of our country, late Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Sir’s student life. I went on to talk about being optimistic. We live our lives the way we think, so being positive should be an inevitable attitude to reach peace and success. Students were all ears for my speech and I continued to glue them with their favorite topic: Gadgets.

Today’s generation finds Gadgets to be indispensable and there is no wrong in it provided their thoughts are in the right process. A Process towards progress on one’s self development. I concluded my speech by making a strong note about persuading a successful school life with the guidance of teachers in order to be reach the zenith of success in future life. “Trees with Strong Roots can never be shaken”, school studies are the root of life lessons. Once I finished my speech, I had a great pleasure of satisfaction in being a part of such an event with all the young minds.